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Étude Elementary Curriculum

Our students are entering a world of unprecedented change both demographically and economically. According to the Department of Labor, students will likely have 13-14 different jobs by the time they are 38. The top ten jobs in demand for 2013 did not exist in 2004. These factors deeply influence what we teach our students and how we teach them.

The basis for learning at the Étude Elementary is authentic, inquiry based projects. Through these projects, students become creators and innovators of chicken coops as they study life cycles; habitats as they study the Wisconsin environment; sails as they work in our STEM Sail project. These projects take students through a process of:

  • Researching the topic they are studying

  • Making, which takes students through a process of imagining, creating, feedback and revision.

  • Presenting and defending their research and decisions during the making phase.

  • Reflecting on their decision in a way that helps students to see strengths and areas of improvement.

In this process, students combine content and skills along with Habits of Professionalism and Habits of Mind in order to gain a complete set of skills and knowledge. Students implement Habits of Learning such as collaboration, communication, and work with Habits of Mind such as observing, interpreting, and innovating. The emphasis on habits throughout a project support the integration of literacy in the creative process: researching, writing, and defending ideas is essential to learning and innovation.

Étude Elementary also provides regular instruction in Dance/Movement, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. Teaching these art forms are one way to ensure that we are teaching to all of the different intelligences a student has. The arts provide a way for our students to see the world around them and experience it in new ways. It also empowers them to express their ideas about the world around them in new ways. This understanding of the arts provides the foundation of our integration of the arts. Whenever possible, the arts are integrated into projects. Please view our project gallery to see examples of how the arts are integrated into our curriculum to support the learning of our students.

 *We look forward to sharing examples of projects and student work as we develop the gallery portion of this website. Stay tuned!

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