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“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”  
― Thomas A. Edison

Habits of Professionalism Mosaic

Over the past few years in education there has been an increased focus on the skills students need to be successful after their years of schooling. These skills have taken on many names such as 21st Century Skills, soft skills, College & Career Readiness Skills. Part of our commitment to an enduring education is to clearly identify these skills, teach them to our students, and provide feedback to our students in a way that asks them to reflect on their development.

At the Étude Group of Schools, we have identified these skills as Habits of Mind and Habits of Learning and Professionalism. These habits identify the core skills students need to successfully use their knowledge in a meaningful manner. These habits allow students the ability to move their learning beyond simple tests and recalling of facts, allo

Our Habits of Mind represent the core of the thinking we want our students to engage in. Our Habits of Mind are: Observing, Wondering, Connecting, Reasoning & Interpreting, and Innovating.wing them to activate their knowledge in meaningful ways that lead to creative and innovative ideas.

Our Habits of Learning and Professionalism represent the core of the “soft skills” we want our students to engage in. At the elementary level, Habits of Learning represent the core skills needed for our students to engage in active learning and thinking. At the secondary level, Habits of Professionalism represent what our students need in order to foster a professional community that allows for the active work necessary for creative and innovative thinking. Our Habits of Learning and Professionalism are: Work, Collaboration, Self-Discipline, Communication, and Learning