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Étude Elementary Culture

The school culture at Étude Elementary is an integral part of the educational program. Étude Elementary’s school culture supports a learning environment where students openly share thoughts about their school community and support the learning of others. We are able to accomplish this through a participatory community, inviting students to have a voice in community decisions through daily Morning Meetings and a discipline system that is founded on decency and trust.  

Étude Elementary exemplifies a small school environment in which students learn what it means to be part of a community. Annually, students meet at the beginning of the year to develop the guidelines for the shared spaces in the school. Once developed students work with our Principal to ensure that the entire school understands these community guidelines. Through our daily classroom meeting, students revisit these community guidelines and collaboratively solve problems when issues arise. We see this approach as teaching children how to have a voice in their community, and how to problem-solve through community issues. We want our students to be active community members both in and out of school.

Student Support Services
Students at Étude Elementary are supported in a variety of ways. Beyond proactive Responsive Classroom practices, students with IEPs are offered support through our special education department. We also have PATH Program counseling available through referral one day a week.

To learn more about our culture, contact us for a personal tour or please attend one of our enrollment events