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January 26, 2015
by: Ted Hamm

Musician Entrepreneur: Brianna Lane

Part of the purpose of our blog is to help introduce you to the performers coming through the Étude Sessions. I have commented in the past what extraordinary people our performers are, however, it's not every day that we are able to feature an article about an Étude Sessions performer from a business magazine, but then again, not every musician is Brianna Lane. ETG0023 Brianna Lane Tickets WEB 2

To introduce you to Brianna Lane, I need to turn to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal where they write: "Brianna Lane was crowdsourcing for dollars long before Kickstarter became a popular way for musicians for raise funds for their projects. More than 10 years ago, when Lane was touring along the East Coast, she distributed postcards where she was performing that included a form that fans could fill out to get on her mailing list or, by including $15, get her album once released. She didn’t raise a lot of money that way, but it was enough, she said, “and it was more about the support and keeping fans engaged.”
This year Lane did that again, but used the Kickstarter fundraising website. Her fans responded by ordering her pending fifth album, due out this fall, as well as paying for other rewards, such as T-shirts, music lessons and even a blanket she hand-crocheted and offered for $500. The campaign exceeded her $8,000 goal, which is funding the majority of recording the new album."

To read more, please head to the full article.

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