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Étude Middle School Curriculum

m curriculum 2Étude Middle School offers a rigorous academic program focused on innovative thinking and creative problem solving. Our curriculum cultivates broad use of the student’s mind by taking subject matter beyond rote memorization. Based on cutting edge research from Harvard Graduate School of Education, the curriculum is taught utilizing visible thinking and multiple intelligences to create an environment of active and applied learning.

Our curriculum’s main objective is to teach standards-based academic content in an engaging 21st Century format that prepares students for high school and beyond, while providing an opportunity to extend their academic knowledge.

Academic discipline blocks with two-way integration allow students to make connections, to analyze, and to problem solve through multiple perspectives. Students develop their own reasoning around concepts and ideas. A collaborative environment creates real-world experience in articulating their thoughts and reasoning as they apply their knowledge in creative and innovative ways. Communication and life skills are a key focus in collaboration, student presentations, and reflection.

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