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April 21, 2015
by: N. Lynn Goldstein, Étude Studios Publication Design Intern

The Mosaic School works together to fertilize a better community

The Mosaic School works together to fertilize a better community  Header Image

On March 20, 2015, Rachel Gunderson and her Mosaic science students came together and put on a presentation for Sheboygan ecologist Scott Horzen, two Caan’s representatives, and UW-Madison student Owen Schneider, that demonstrated the students’ knowledge on the “Mosaic Garden” project that they would like to make happen. Whispers from the audience clearly showed interest in this idea, some stating that they have been involved since the idea was first brought up. The Mosaic School science classes created five different garden plans and then collaborated to propose one big and unique garden together that would host native plants of Wisconsin.

The students avidly talked about the hands on experience that they would gain and the benefits that they would have from interacting with the students as wells as the plants. It was also brought up that creating this garden will bring the community together and build trust that the students may not have had with each other previously and they discussed the possibilities of how the garden will better the environment.

The presentation group has formed a plan that students can volunteer to help with the garden. Each student would commit to watering the garden at least two times a week depending on the rain. They also plan on taking on chores, such as pulling unnecessary weeds and fertilizing the garden.

The Mosaic School students have done an excellent amount of research. They looked at the math, the types of worms they would need for their garden, such as the red worm, the "yes and no’s" of what to put in the compost, and the space needed for the garden. When they presented the information to the expert audience, the layout was labeled as well as color coordinated which made it very clear and concise.

The Mosaic School talked about how they needed money and their intention to hold a fundraiser.

“What kind of fundraisers?” a Caan’s representative asked.

“Well one of the fundraisers we were thinking about doing was a penny war,” replied a Mosaic student eagerly.

The Mosaic School led a very impressive presentation, leaving people with the idea of The Mosaic Garden. It is clear that The Mosaic School students put a lot of time, effort, and science into this project and presentation. This plan is set to fully launch May 4 through 8, 2015.

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