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Educational Program

Our educational program is predicated on the notion that our young people are entering world that is changing culturally and economically at an unprecedented pace. Our students will likely have 13-15 different jobs before the age of 38 with many of those jobs having not even been created yet. These different forces require a new set of skills for students to successfully navigate their futures. Our philosophy combines a strong, inclusive school culture with a learning environment where students are engaged in real work that combines key content with Habits of Professionalism and Habits of Mind. These habits create a K-12 set of skills that students learn, practice, and reflect on through every project. Our curriculum is designed to provide an enduring education - an experience in learning wherein students gain the skills and knowledge to successfully navigate an ever-changing world.

Creative and innovative thinking is central to our Educational Program. Students engage in the highest levels of thinking and doing, while developing the ability to apply their understanding of a subject in order to carry out and implement their own ideas.

Our curriculum is set up around fostering creative and innovative thinking through:

  • Disciplinary Learning - Students learn overarching frameworks for each subject by addressing real world problems through a process that is authentic to what professionals use in those fields.
  • Culture - Student learning is optimized in a culture based in decency and trust. We honor and promote thinking, and we work together in the continual process of defining our aspirations as a community.
  • Habits - Through Habits of Professionalism/Learning and Habits of Mind, students gain the knowledge to engage in active thinking and learning. These habits activate our professional and intellectual community.
  • Exhibitions - Students make their work public through exhibitions.
  • Reporting - Our reporting system provides in-depth feedback to students on their learning in key content and habits through a detailed report card and Presentations of Learning each trimester.
  • College and Career Readiness - We believe that each student needs to leave high school with doors open into the next phase of their life. We prepare students through regular interactions with a variety of colleges and partnerships with local professionals.