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August 30, 2017
by: Ted Hamm, Director

Personalization in Math

For the 2017-2018 school year, we will be restructuring our Étude High School Math Department in order to provide more personalized learning opportunities for all high school students at all levels of math. We will be utilizing a combination of existing staff expertise and some online tools to offer a range of course options along with in depth exploration of mathematical concepts through projects.

Our existing staff bring a lot of experience and energy to this new structure. Becky Knight will be teaching Alternative Representations, Physical Math, and Abstract Thought; Tim Pasche will teach Calculus; and Courtney Kissinger will cross over from our Middle School staff to teach two sections of Exploring Variables.

These changes are exciting for our school community and our math program for many reasons. Our move to personalized learning will allow students to work at their own pace in order to master skills and to further understand the connections that occur in mathematics. Students will also benefit from a classroom experience that will support their practice and application of mathematical concepts. Our experienced teachers will provide mini lessons, discussion prompts, peer collaboration opportunities, and answers to questions students may have throughout their learning process. Finally, students will not just learn the content and move on; they will apply their mathematics and problem solving skills to authentic projects each trimester. By using a personalized learning approach with projects embedded throughout, students are getting the best opportunity to grow with personalized mathematics instruction, rigorous content, and authentic application of these concepts in the real world.

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