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Thank you for your support of The Étude Group and its programs including Expanding Horizons. Expanding Horizons provides all students with opportunities beyond the four walls of their classrooms. It is the experiences and resources that we provide to empower our students and encourage them to think about how their current work relates to life beyond school.


When you support the Étude Schools and Expanding Horizons, you support field experiences to Chicago and the Kettle Moraine; scholarships to summer camp and exchange programs; Étude Studios and Maker Spaces; Camp Étude and after-school programming; outdoor classrooms; college preparatory programs; artists and creatives in residence programs; and more. These are more than single-time opportunities. Expanding Horizons experiences are integrated into the project-based learning at The Étude Schools.


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If there are special considerations regarding your donation, please contact Ted Hamm thamm@etudegroup.org or 902.459.3504