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October 4, 2014
by: Ted Hamm

The Étude Sessions Part 1

Last year we started a concert series, called the Étude Sessions, as a way to raise funds for our schools. The start of the series last year was a bit hectic, so as we start the second year, I want to explain a bit more in depth what the Étude Sessions is all about.

The origins to the Étude Sessions go back a few years ago to a former board member, Troy Tousey. Troy played a vital role in getting our schools started. As a founding parent (Hannah and Tate's dad), founding board member, and as the person who designed the logos and supported the layout of many of our materials, Troy was integral to our successes. Part of Troy's commitment to our schools was his vision for a vibrant, diverse community, or a community that was more "livable". He believed the schools along with a social scene that included an active music scene was crucial for Sheboygan to be a great city.

A few years ago, Troy was killed in a bike accident. My last conversation with him was about a concert series that would help make our community more "livable". Troy often complained that he never wanted to work with other people on concerts because they always wanted to tell him who should play. But, during our conversation, we agreed that we could work together on a concert series so long as he was able to select acts and I was able to connect this to our schools. Although we were delayed by his death, this conversation gave birth to the Étude Sessions.

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