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December 14, 2015
by: Ted Hamm

Simply, Thank You

Dear Families, Students, Staff, Supporters, and Friends

At this point, The Avett Brothers show on November 9th is a distant memory, however, this does not preclude me finally writing a wrap up blog.

My first priority is to thank everyone involved: Dave Bernstein who was the driving force behind getting this going; Hannah Tousey for speaking to eloquently about her father and her experience in our schools; the Tousey family for their support in matching the Avett Brothers with our school; the Weill Center and Kim Meller for hosting this event; The Avett Brothers for taking a chance on Sheboygan and playing a set that included their entire album “Emotionalism” (a personal favorite of mine); our staff and students for making a school that continues to grow both in size and in quality of learning. Lastly I want to thank all who attended or helped spread the word. With all of your efforts, we raised over $45,000.

This concert was particularly special for me. One of the last shows I saw with Troy was the Avett Brothers at the Riverside. Troy played many roles within our school from founding parent, to founding board member, to designer of most everything Étude Group related. I spent many hours working on the school with Troy; the concerts provided a nice time away from the school related issues. Much of the time traveling to and from the shows in Milwaukee was spent talking about how to grow the music scene in Sheboygan. To be able to bring the Avett Brothers to Sheboygan in support of the schools, was a beautiful culmination of all of those talks.

Furthermore, the funds raised will provide the foundation for two initiatives within the Étude Group. The money will provide the means to grow our Expanding Horizons program. This program is an equalizer for our students. It ensures all students, regardless of socio-economic status, have access to programming that enriches their learning beyond what a typical school budget can do. Examples of this type of programming are: college visits that help all IDEAS Academy students attend at least 5 different colleges prior to making a decision; scholarships for international travel such as our service trip to Nicaragua last summer; access to artists through our artist-in-residence program, which brought Mark Denning to our 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms as they studied native cultures in Wisconsin. These funds will help us to expand these programs to offer scholarships to summer camps at colleges, as well as to expand our artist-in-residence program to include designers and engineers.

These funds will also expand our ability to continue the Étude Sessions. It is ultimately our goal to bring in two major acts a year to the Weill Center while still bringing regional acts to Paradigm. The Étude Sessions was founded as a means to raise funds for the students in our schools, while enriching the music scene in Sheboygan. Essentially, we want to give back to our community in two ways. Enrich the youth of the community, and expand the social life within Sheboygan. We have Hayward Williams on December 18th and for the first time we are bringing jazz to the Étude Sessions with the Dave Stoler Quartet on January 15th. We will be making a series of big announcements over the next few weeks including a major concert announcement for spring.

The Avett Brothers concert was the first major concert we put on. It was a success in every way possible. We cannot thank our supporters enough for helping to make that happen.

With Gratitude,

Ted Hamm

November 29, 2015
by: Ted Hamm

Presentations of Learning: Thoughts as a Parent and Advisor

Presentations of Learning: Thoughts as a Parent and Advisor  Thumbnail

Dear Families,

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November 25, 2015
by: Ted Hamm

Have A Playful Thanksgiving!

Have A Playful Thanksgiving! Thumbnail

As we head into Thanksgiving weekend, I want to wish everyone a playful Thanksgiving and encourage everyone to take time for a little free play. Free play is cited has helping build resilient children in a recent article titled, "How Free Play Can Define Kids’ Success". The article points out that creative play can help our kids develop resiliency by developing:

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September 1, 2015
by: Ted Hamm

First Day Reflections

First Day Reflections   Thumbnail

If you set up the right conditions in a school amazing things can happen. Today was one of those days at Mosaic. This year, we opened the school year with mini projects. The remarkable thing I observed today was our students’ ability to provide insightful observations, work collaboratively, and present their ideas in front of others. If today was any indication of the year we will have, it will be a great year for learning using the creative process.

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August 30, 2015
by: Ted Hamm

Creating Space and Time to Establish a School Culture

Creating Space and Time to Establish a School Culture   Thumbnail

The first week of school is an opportunity to convey our beliefs and expectations not only through our words, but by what we do. Since the inception of the Étude High School, we have put a great deal of time and thought into how we start the school year - involving students in the processes of creating our school culture and engaging in the intellectual work we expect of them. It is through these actions that we initiate a strong school culture and an in depth intellectual culture.

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August 1, 2015

Welcome Back Night

Welcome Back Night Thumbnail

Summer learning looks different for all of us, and as part of The Étude Group schools it is exciting to see how each experience of observing, playing, wondering, creating, and exploring that happens in the summer will enrich learning this school year. We hope to start sharing these stories and reconnecting at our "Welcome Back Night."

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March 10, 2015
by: Ted Hamm

Governing Board Meeting, March 2015

Governing Board Meeting,  March 2015 Thumbnail

We are always working to increase our communication with you, our families and the larger community we serve. You might have noticed changes in the appearance of our website and in the flow of information from our blogs to social media this year. We have been working with a local design firm, Dynamic, to update our online presence and make it easier to communicate all that happens within our schools. Our approach is to publish information to blogs that will automatically be posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Additionally, you can sign up for our blogs to be sent directly to your email inbox.

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January 23, 2015
by: Ted Hamm

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Thank you for your interest in the The Étude Group schools. This blog features posts from ESAA, Mosaic, and IDEAS, as well as commentary on broader topics in the organization and education.

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