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June 21, 2018
by: Ted Hamm

Student Engagement & Academic Growth at Étude Elementary

One cardinal rule we live by in the schools of the Étude Group is Engagement Over Compliance. Engagement a result of our investment in creating inclusive school culture, creating relevant curriculum, and building solid relationships with kids. Compliance, on the other hand, requires kids to follow the rules of others without question or voice. We strive for engagement, and where some compliance is required for schools to function properly, our students participate in developing the rules.

Étude Elementary ranks in the 95th percentile nationally in the area of student engagement on the Youth Truth Survey. The Youth Truth survey is a national survey that asks students to share their perceptions of their school in a number of different categories such as: Student Engagement, Academic Rigor and Expectations, Relevance, Personal Relationships, and Classroom Culture. The survey gives us a chance to see how students perceive their school so we can better understand their thinking. We believe children should be seen and heard.

The results from the survey were not achieved by happenstance. At Étude Elementary, we strive to create an engaging school culture. From the first classroom meeting to projects that allow for student voice and choice, Étude Elementary School is built to engage our students. Our theory is that the more engaged our kids are, the more they will learn.

One way we measure student learning is by looking at academic growth on the STAR 360. This standardized assessment is given across the entire Sheboygan Area School District and it measures student growth and achievement in math and reading. The results from the last academic year show that from fall to spring more Étude Elementary students grew at a higher rate than their academic peers.

If you are interested in learning more about our how the engaging school culture at Étude Elementary can help your child succeed academically, please contact our Principal, Susan Griffiths sgriffiths@etudegroup.org (920) 395-8190


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