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January 29, 2024
by: Ted Hamm

Founders Scholarship gives students opportunity to continue learning

Founders Scholarship gives students opportunity to continue learning Header Image

The Étude High School Founders Scholarship offers Étude students the opportunity to continue exploring their creativity, innovation, and passions during the summer break. This scholarship is distributed to students entering Étude High School grades 9-12, for full or partial tuition for summer pre-college experiences, camps, and programs. Last summer the Founders Scholarship was awarded to senior Liliana Heinen. 


Lili has studied dance with Étude movement teacher Molly King for the past three years. During this time, she advanced skills in the area of ballet and pointe, dedicating a semester Project Block to studying and practicing pointe in order to develop deeper understandings of the physiology and exercises of the discipline. 


"Lili is such a dedicated dancer. I am proud of her persistence to strengthen her skills and deepen her practice. Lili’s passion for dance has allowed her to create meaningful and powerful dances, exploring personal topics. I am excited to see how Lili will apply her new gained knowledge into more dance projects this senior year" (King). 


Last summer, Lili continued to hone those foundational skills in a six-week Advanced Ballet and Pointe class with Dollhouse Dance Factory: "Dancing at Dollhouse has allowed me to further explore my passion for dancing and ballet. Thanks to Étude I am able to strengthen my skills and learn new techniques at a more experienced level and to do what I love."



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