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August 1, 2018
by: Ted Hamm, Director

Revised Daily Schedule at Étude Middle & High School

Dear Étude Middle and High School Families:

This past year a team of middle school and high school staff came together to review the existing schedule and propose revisions. The goal of the team was to increase academic supports through daily practice in reading and math, as well as, create time for appropriate interventions that do not compromise student learning in the arts and engineering. After several months of planning and feedback, we are happy to share our revised schedule with you: Étude Middle School & Étude High School

Students will now have academic classes every day, giving them the advantage of building routines and practice in areas like math and reading, where students can strengthen their skills and deepen their understanding through more consistent and supported practice. Students will also have a workshop time in their schedule, which will be a time where they receive feedback and focused skill building in individually identified areas like reading, math, Habits of Professionalism, and more. At the same time, students will maintain their seminar class choices and club opportunities before and after school.

The changes we have made to the schedule reflect students’ developmental and academic needs, as well as, the needs of families. A later start time to the day intends to make sure that students can get enough sleep and to begin learning when their minds and bodies are prepared to do so. In order to accommodate parent schedules, optional, structured activities, including Guided Work Time and clubs will begin as early as 7:15am and the building/office will be open to all students at 7:45am. Students who need to be dropped off at school between 7:15 and 8:15 will have opportunities to engage in constructive and healthy activity to kick off their school day. Additionally, we decided to schedule breakfast for all students, to ensure that they all have the opportunity to eat and are ready to learn. Please note the required start times for the schools are 8:15 am for the high school and 8:20 am for the middle school.

Our schools maintain their core values and emphasis on project-based learning. This schedule will be an adjustment for us, but we are committed to making this change successful through careful planning and open communication with families. We understand that the changes may create some scheduling conflicts. Students who are involved in extra-curricular activities, family activities, or employment that conflict with the end time should email me the times and dates in conflict and we will work as a staff to propose individual schedule accommodations and work with your family in August.


Ted Hamm


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