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April 5, 2013
by: Leah Morgan

South Pier District Project

Through Project-based Learning Mosaic students develop solutions for tangible problems in their own community, while they are learning key elements of history, geography, and economics. The project kicked off with a Reconnaissance Mission in the South Pier district. Working in groups with armed with maps and iPads students documented the area with four key questions in mind.

  • How and why did Sheboygan develop as a city? (Examining local history and economics)
  • Who are Sheboyganites? (Examining populations statistics and demographic data)
  • How can Sheboygan improve the South Pier District? (Examining geography and economics)
  • How does where we live influence how we live? (Examining geography's influence on history and economics)

In the weeks ahead students will develop innovative business development ideas for the area.

The project has four key outcomes or deliverables.

  • Create a detailed design of their idea, a promotional sketch.
  • Create a business plan to support their decision (includes objectives, mission statement, who will benefit by this, conducting a market competition analysis, rationale for how and why it will succeed)
  • Determine a prime location for their idea and map the area.
  • Develop a sales pitch, sell the idea in a presentation.

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