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April 30, 2016
by: Tad Phippen Wente, College Readiness Coordinator

Mosaic students visit colleges and workplaces

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All Mosaic School students sampled college and career choices April 27 when they toured local post-secondary schools and a community giant.

Eighth graders toured UW-Sheboygan, as they do each year, to better understand what a university has to offer. They learned about the UW-System, different buildings and courses of study, and the kinds of spaces college students use for working and learning. Their exploration included a photo scavenger hunt to provide some memorable hands-on learning about UW-Sheboygan.

Lakeshore Technical College was the focus for seventh graders. They toured the campus and learned about LTC’s programs, including Agriculture, Industrial Machining, Criminal Justice, and Health Care. They were able to get up close and personal with the medical mannequins used in the Nursing program to simulate real patients. They also visited workshop areas and classrooms in a range of departments.

The sixth graders, who have been studying energy, toured the Alliant Power Plant. They touched turbines, stared skyward for the top of the stacks, and met engineers who provided a look at all aspects of creating energy for the community. They learned about different workers at the plant now and in a changing future of energy use. A question and answer period after the tour opened discussion between students and professionals.

All the tours included a “prebrief’ session at school so students were well-equipped with background knowledge and questions they generated ahead of time. Guides at each location praised The Mosaic School students for their insights and their professionalism. Immediately after the tours, students met again to “debrief”, or reflect, on their experience together in a Gathering or whole group Thinking Routine. They completed brief Field Reports to capture their experience so it can be shared at Presentations of Learning.

These trips are part of The Étude Group’s College Readiness Program, helping students make informed decisions about their futures.

Trips are funded with the help of Étude Sessions: Good Music + Good Cause.

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