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May 3, 2013
by: Leah Morgan

Mayor Visits for South Pier Development Presentations

Mayor of SheboyganPresentationsUntitled

The Mosaic School welcomed Mayor Mike Vandersteen, Dave Hoffman head of South Pier Redevelopment, and other community members that are involved in the South Pier Redevelopment to hear our student present their business ideas on how Sheboygan can improve the South Pier District. 

Student ideas ranged from a skate park with playgrounds, picnic area, splash pad and pavilion; to hydroelectric turbines that would generate power for the South Pier residents and businesses; to a music hall or bookstore or coffee house.  

The presentations included:

  • a detailed design of their idea / a promotional sketch
  • a business plan to support their decision (includes objectives, mission statement, who will benefit by this, conducting a market competition analysis, rationale for how and why it will succeed)
  • a sales pitch

After the presentation Mayor Vandersteen took some time to talk with students and let them take turns taking their picture with him. Thank you to all the community members that took part in this event.

Dave Hoffman

Ed Surek 

Chad Pelishek

Char Pachniak

Mayor Mike Vandersteen


See more photos here

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