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November 16, 2016
by: Courtney Kooistra, Mosaic Math Teacher and Lead Advisor

Mosaic Students Peer Mentoring for Presentations of Learning

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For the last few weeks, Mosaic students have been reflecting on the first trimester of the 2016-2017 school year by planning for their Presentation of Learning (POL). What is a POL? This is a time where students share out with their parents and advisor about the growth they have made throughout the trimester and the goals they have for the future by looking back at the work they accomplished. Today in advisory, 7th and 8th grade advisories paired up with the 6th grade advisories to help model how to choose artifacts and explain how the artifacts can be used as evidence of the growth students have made.

Each older student had a younger student partner, which provided our older students with the opportunity to share with our younger students about how to explain artifacts using enough detail that will help them reflect on the work and help parents understand the work they accomplished. For our sixth grade students, this was an opportunity to connect with an older student and learn from their experience with POLs. It was great to see the connections between our older and younger students as well as hear the older students ask prompting questions similar to those a teacher would ask when guiding a student through a process. We all are looking forward to bringing parents into our community on Monday, November 28th, and Tuesday, November 29th, for them to experience POLs and see the progress all of the students have made this trimester!

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