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March 6, 2013
by: Colleen Machut and Leah Morgan

Part 2 - Inside a Project Seminar - Storytelling Core Standards and Essential Questions

Core standards are taught with the use of essential questions. The overall course also has essential questions. For this year’s Storytelling seminar the course questions were: 

  1. What do you have to offer the world though storytelling?
  2. How can we express ideas through storytelling?

Core standards are taught in the Mosaic philosophy of depth over breadth.

Personal Story

Why do Storytellers tell stories? How can we express ideas through storytelling?

Ideas and Expression

How can we make the story of Humpty Dumpty more interesting? What are some essential vocal concepts or techniques?

After the core standards and concepts are taught, students begin creating their own project from the menu and developing the skill they learned during the first part of the seminar. Students work on their projects through workshops and individual conferencing with their teacher. As individual students progress with their project they share their work with peers, and learn the art of critique as they offer feedback and suggestions.   

Below, see Colleen Machut conferencing with Hannah on her story of Ryan White and Caleb practicing telling his story about ancient Egypt to peers. 


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