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January 28, 2011
by: L. Eilmus

Mosaic and A2 Partnership

Mosaic School has been chosen as the middle school track for students at Accelerated Academics Charter School, also known as A2, the Sheboygan Area School District announced this week.

Earlier plans for a charter program called A3 have been discontinued by the A2 Charter School Governing Board with this new partnership, making Mosaic the school of choice for fifth-graders moving into middle school from A2.

Mosaic, which will open in September, will adopt the College of William and Mary curriculum presently used by A2. Project-based learning will remain a focus of Mosaic.

“This partnership with A2 will allow Mosaic to serve a wide range of ability levels in regular classrooms,” said Ted Hamm, who serves as administrator for Mosaic. “Mosaic is committed to creating an environment that serves all students, including meeting the needs of accelerated learners.”

A committee will be established to oversee the accelerated academics within the Mosaic model. The Mosaic committee will have representatives from A2.

Both A2 and the Elementary School for the Arts and Academics students will have a continued path with a consistent education approach in grades 6-8.

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