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November 29, 2012
by: Leah Morgan

Project Seminar Share Out Morning - part 3

In Drawing and Sculpting Figures students spent the trimester developing drawing skills and forming figures. Figures included people, animals and anthropomorphic inanimate objects. Students chose an academic component of interest to them and then created a sculpture related to their learning.  Some students formed animals and researched biomes and diets to create a space for their figures. Others chose anthropomorphic figures and created spaces for their figures from the books, films or myths. During Share Out Morning students spoke to their peers about what they had learned from the experience. 

utf 8DSCN0014

 Box Turtle, Abby W.

utf 8DSCN0017

Appaloosa, Macy D.

utf 8DSCN0015

The Beast, Chase M. Grant R. Aeris S.

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