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September 12, 2016
by: Courtney Koositra, Lead Advisor

Mosaic Intentionally Prepares for Intellectual and Professional Engagement

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Over the last three days, students at The Mosaic School participated in their first Town Hall, attended seminar previews, got a glimpse of what their academic classes will be like, and spent more time together with their advisory building community through multiple activities and discussions. The first Town Hall allowed students to meet each other, share out a movement that represented their advisory group, and share goals that they had for how Town Hall should be run this year. Town Hall is a whole school gathering that happens every Wednesday in an effort to build community, share out important information, enhance student leadership, and discuss community issues.

Seminar previews allowed students to meet the seminar teachers, hear a little bit about what their class would be like, and then decide which seminars they wanted to try out for a day. Students attended seminars for Contemporary Dance, Creative Writing Poetry, Engineering, Ensemble, Strings, Visual Art, Drama Storytelling, as well as Video Production. In the Poetry seminar preview, students were able to use cut up images to help build ideas for a poem (shown in the photo gallery below). Students all enjoyed getting to try out the seminars of their choice, and then were able to make an informed decision as to what seminars they want to take this semester. Students will start the seminars they chose on Monday.

Within academic classes, students were able to participate in a variety of disciplinary related activities within the first two days of meeting their teachers and attending class. In science students did a mini experiment where they had to try to identify objects without being able to see them based on other qualities, all relating to the topic, Particles, of this year’s course. In Social Studies, students were looking at components of different events and using the context clues to identify what time, place, or important event components were from. These were just a couple of the activities students were engaged in within their academic courses and will begin their regularly scheduled academics this week Monday.

After the last week and a half of strategically planned adjusted scheduling, we are ready and looking forward to starting our regularly scheduled classes this week. As a staff, we have already begun to notice the success of the activities we participated in with our students over the first week and a half of school as the community has gotten off to a great start. With addition of new staff members and many eager to learn students, we cannot wait to see the things that our students will accomplish this year as well as watch the community grow!


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