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January 9, 2015
by: Tad Phippen Wente, Chief Curatorial Officer

Gallery News : January 9, 2015

Gallery News : January 9, 2015 Header Image

How could tattoo design demonstrate understanding of elements in the Periodic Table?

How might plants and animals battle to survive in an environment of invasive and non-invasive species?

How do images of place influence story?

Why are we playing miniature golf in the hallway? 

IDEAS/Mosaic Thinking Galleries tackle these and other wonders and were opened to the public December 11, 2014. Student docents were stationed at each exhibit to explain the process of these class projects, from ideation to creation to reflection. They pointed out the bumps along the way, where failures and shifts of understanding caused the revisions that caused the learning. And they shared the joy of the "a-ha!" moments, when everything clicked.

As classes transition into the next concept in their learning, students create fresh versions of their thinking. The galleries will be updated to reflect this, thanks to the help of Curatorial Engineering Intern Erik Tetschlag, a senior at IDEAS.

Each exhibit includes a description of the concepts students are demonstrating. Student brainstorms and written reflections add to the viewers’ understanding of the learning experience.

Current Thinking Galleries will be open to our guests at upcoming Open Houses on January 10 and 12. Soon they will transition so students and guests can connect with new thoughts.

Coming Soon! In the Balcony Gallery: Mosaic voice students show how the human body works as a musical instrument!

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