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October 21, 2015
by: Sarah Williams, Étude Studios Journalism Intern

PHOX Talk: Band Communication, Confidence and Creativity

PHOX Talk: Band Communication, Confidence and Creativity Header Image

Communication and collaboration are key to the success of indie band PHOX, according to Matt Holmen and Monica Martin. Phox played the first show of the 2015-2016 Étude Sessions on October 16.  The band has been working hard for the last two years, finishing their first self-titled album and heading out on tour.

“Something ugly can be prevented by better communication,” Martin said when talking about how PHOX has managed to balance business and friendship within the band. “I think within any relationship, romantic, friendship, band or business, sometimes it’s hard to walk away from something when it’s still not totally broken. But if you try to recognize things earlier on, and say, you know what, this could become a problem, these micro-occasions are going to build up and I’m going to explode. But I think with us, we still have big conversations every time we get together. You really have to do your best to be transparent.”

Being a newly signed band, PHOX hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be just starting out.

“Find people that support you, and people you want to support. Be comfortable in your role” is the advice that Matt Holmen would give to up-and-coming musicians.  

Martin echoed Holmen’s input and added, “There’s always something that’s going to get at someone. Just do your best to be kind to people, and fake confidence until you feel it. That’s what I still have to do, and I’m not always good at it, but that’s what I hope for younger people, who are maybe trying to step into something.

“I’m really happy I did actually find one [a support group]. And I think it’s so important what you guys [The Étude Group Interns] are doing, I think it’s so important for younger people to believe in what they’re doing earlier on,” said Martin.

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