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April 25, 2013
by: Leah Morgan

Lead, Soil, Sawdust Exhibition of Learning

This Project-Based Learning unit focused on three of Wisconsin's Industries. The unit started of with a Feel - Think - Wonder prompting students to consider the natural resources of Wisconsin and how people used them to create industry and economic growth within the state. Students then selected which industry they wanted to research. The industry specific journey started with Connect - Extend - Challenge thinking routine to discern what they needed to know. They pondered their chosen industry through the lenses of Economic; Environmental; Science and Technology.

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As students wrapped up their learning they began working with the Drama, Dance, Music and Art teachers to take the knowledge they had on their industry and use it to persuade an audience to believe their industry was the best to work in. In art they created murals. During music students selected musical instruments and/or created songs to demonstrate specifics of their industry. In dance class students created movements that were created using major components of the industry. The dance piece was performed to the music the students made during the Exhibition of Learning. Wisconsin Industry plays were created by students in a Reader's Theater, exemplifying arguments why one would want to join their industry over the others.

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In Writer's Workshop students worked on Persuasive Writing. Students began with examining children's literature that used persuasive writing. Students then composed writing pieces to persuade character, friends, and teachers. Throughout the entire unit, the Writer's Workshop process of prewrite, draft, edit, and publish was used.  

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