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April 23, 2015
by: Susan Griffiths

ESAA Rocket Club launches with a splash

Rocket Launch 1

ESAA fourth and fifth grade students had a great time participating in the Rocket Club’s first official launch of their water bottle rockets. Since spring break, Mrs. Coenen and Mr. Scharenbroch have worked with students to design and create water bottle rockets. Students made design decisions based on knowledge gained earlier this year about Newton’s Law’s of Motion along with new knowledge about aerodynamics. Taking advantage of perfect weather today, students launched their rockets high into the air by pumping air in and forcing water out. After the launch, a discussion took place about the successes and challenges of their designs. Students will use this information to make revise and launch their rockets again. Students will end the year creating a engine mount rocket to launch. Which type of rocket do you think will stay in the air longer: a water bottle rocket or engine mount rocket? Stay tuned to find out their results.


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