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April 23, 2014
by: Ted Hamm

PTO Meeting Summary

An engaged school community is an essential part of being a successful school of choice. We all have made a choice to be part of this community. We envision a school community that goes beyond just dropping your child off and picking them up. We are looking for a vibrant school community where parents understand the instructional methods used in their child’s classroom, the approaches used to develop a strong school culture, and have opportunities to engage in their child’s school. Building engagement is a multi-faceted approach. Below are ideas we have tried, are currently trying, or are looking at in order to build parent engagement.

We are looking for your input into the concepts below, specifically, around how they might impact your engagement in our community. We will ask you for clarifying questions, things you value in the proposal and things you are concerned about or suggestions you might have.

In order to build engagement in our community, we are looking at the following:


  • Regular Social Media posts that showcase things happening in the school.
  • Blog posts that provide an in depth look into a specific project or aspect of the ESAA approach.
  • Monthly e - newsletters that contain descriptions from different classes throughout the school.
  • Teacher websites that contain updates on classroom activities, updates on home learning, etc.


Below are ideas for what a PTO might be at ESAA. I am interested in your clarifying questions, values and concerns/suggestions based on what is listed below. This feedback will be taken into consideration as the ESAA PTO plans for the 2014-2015 school year with the intent of engaging parents around our child’s school.

Purpose of the ESAA Parent Teacher Organization

  • Support activities that build a strong school community.
  • Help educate families on approaches used at ESAA.
  • Help raise funds for substantial projects that support the ESAA mission.

Activities of the ESAA Parent Teacher Organization:

  • Communication
    • Host regular meetings that educate parents on aspects of the ESAA approach.
    • Provide a forum for face to face updates on ESAA projects, test scores and other developments.
  • School Initiatives
    • Provide a forum to identify, raise funds and implement projects that support ESAA.
    • Host fundraiser events targeted towards substantial projects.
  • Activities
    • Host family events that link schools with families.

What role do you see teachers playing in this?

Would the full implementation of these things make you comfortable talking to friends about ESAA?

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