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January 4, 2016
by: Janelle Bane

More Étude Sessions Season Three Shows Announced

More Étude Sessions Season Three Shows Announced Header Image

On January 5th, The Étude Sessions announced Jeff Tweedy will finish out the season at the Weill Center on April 29th. This announcement came right on the heels of the announcement of three shows at Paradigm Coffee and Music: Haley Bonar, Reina Del Cid and Gospel Machine. 

Individual tickets for Paradigm shows are available NOW. The Étude Session is also offering a second chance on a season pass: the remaining four Paradigm shows in one pass and at a discount.

Tickets for Jeff Tweedy will go onsale to the public on Friday January 22, 2016 at 12 noon at the The Weill Center Ticket Office, by calling 920-208-3243 or online at weillcenter.com. Ticket prices are $58.50, $48.50 and $38.50 plus $1 facility fee (an additional credit processing fee may apply). Limit of 8 tickets per person. Supporters of the Étude Sessions will have access to a presale beginning at noon on January 8th. To become an Étude Sessions Supporters, click here to subscribe to our mailing list. 

Join us in welcoming these artists to Sheboygan! It's been an incredible season so far and we can't wait for what's to come. Thank you for supporting The Étude Sessions.

 Upcoming Shows

The Dave Stoler Quartet featuring New York City Based Trumpeter Joe Magnarelli 

January 15th @ Paradigm Coffee + Music

 Tickets Available Online | Paradigm Coffee and Music 

Screen Shot 2015 11 07 at 10.00.11 PM

Veteran NYC jazz trumpeter Joe "Mags" Magnarelli will be joining the Dave Stoler Quartet to bring us an amazing night of jazz to Paradigm Coffee and Music. The musicians will assemble in January to play only two shows in Wisconsin, promising to be a treat for the jazz aficionado and newbie alike; the venue itself the perfect place to meld the two crowds. Paradigm Coffee and Music, which has long been associated with folk and indie rock music, offers a cozy, laid-back vibe with great sound that lends itself perfectly to jazz. 

Haley Bonar
February 19th @ Paradigm Coffee + Music

Tickets Available Online | Paradigm Coffee and Music

ETG0027 Sessions2015 2016 HaleyBonar Web 288x192px

At nineteen, Haley Bonar was discovered by Alan Sparhawk of Minnesota's slow-core powerhouse Low and began opening for them on tour. Over the course of a decade, she has released numerous albums, played countless festivals (including Eaux Claires), gathered accolades and above all, created a sound that is fun and fresh. "It’s no accident that her creative prowess drew the attention and respect of fellow collaborators like Dave King, Andrew Bird and Justin Vernon, not to mention the company she keeps in a rotating cast of premium band members including Jake Hanson (Halloween Alaska, Mason Jennings), Jeremy Hanson (Tapes ‘n Tapes), Luke Anderson (Rogue Valley), Jeremy Ylvisaker (Andrew Bird, Alpha Consumer) and Mike Lewis (Bon Iver, Alpha Consumer)." We are beyond thrilled to welcome her and her band to Sheboygan and the Paradigm stage as a part of The Étude Sessions. More at http://haleybonar.com

Reina del Cid
March 18th @ Paradigm Coffee + Music

Tickets Available Online | Paradigm Coffee and Music

Sessions2015 2016 ReinaDelCid Web 288x192px

Often compared to Regina Spektor or Ingrid Michelson, Reina Del Cid instead cites literary heroes of Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf as her influences. We are looking forward to experiencing lyrical storytelling and musical enchantment. Since releasing their sophomore album in 2015, "the band is freshly emerged from the pressure cooker of more than 300 shows over two years both in their hometown and on national tours—tighter, bolder, and more sophisticated in style and form. Del Cid has blossomed into an authentic storyteller, a kaleidoscope of onstage charm." Read more at http://reinadelcid.com

Gospel Machine
April 15th @ Paradigm Coffee + Music

Tickets Available Online | Paradigm Coffee and Music

Sessions2015 2016 GospelMachine Web 288x192px

Gospel Machine is comprised of five veteran members of the Minneapolis music scene wanting to try something new. In March of 2015, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to release their first album, Your Holy Ghost, which was released later that year and has been turning heads ever since. The band, Jayanthi Kyle on vocals, Wes Burdine on guitar and backing vocals, Scott Munson on keys, David Osborn on drums, and Jimmy Osterholt on bass, brings us a new take on classic styles of soul and pop. They call this sound garage gospel, which is "a way for us to describe music about redemption from racism, from sexism, from war and violence, and between two people in love. But it's also about making music with the urgency of garage pop," songwriter Wes Burden told MPR News. Audience goers can expect not to be taken to church, but to be taken on a journey of life and love. Read more at http://www.gospelmachine.com

Jeff Tweedy 
April 29th @ Stefanie H. Weill Center for Performing Arts

Tickets | Weill Center Ticket Office 920-208-3243 | weillcenter.com

Jeff Tweedy Promo700x400

Jeff Tweedy is "one of the most daring songwriters of his generation" and his band Wilco is "vital, adventurous . . . breaking new stylistic ground with each ambitious and creatively restless album" - Salon.com.

Since starting Wilco in 1994 Tweedy has written original songs for nine Wilco albums and collaborated with folk singer Billy Bragg to bring musical life to three albums-full of Woody Guthrie-penned lyrics in the Mermaid Avenue series. Wilco’s latest release, Star Wars, is a 2016 Grammy nominee for Best Alternative Album. In 2014 Tweedy released Sukierae, a musical collaboration with his 18-year-old son and drummer Spencer Tweedy. 


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