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September 2, 2013
by: E. A. Brown

Presentation of Learning

Children learn in many different ways and every child learns through varied and multiple paths. ESAA engages children with innovative, team-based teaching and the seamless integration of the arts with academics. At ESAA, children learn to see the world in new ways, are encouraged to think deeply about it and wonder at its endeless possibilities. 

ESAA will be transitioning into trimesters for the 2013-14 school year. During each trimester, students will be able to dig deepr into project based learning, which is in tune with our mission of integrating the arts with academics. Students will be able to learn core academic skills centered around a procject theme, therefore building deeper connections. Studentss will also spend time reflecting on their thinking and learning. It is through this reflection process that students will be able to articulate their own learning path and the progress they have made. Each trimester will end in a Presentation of Learning. During this half-hour, student led conference, our students will be able to share their reflections with their parents. 

Please refer to the link below for trimester and PoL dates:

ESAA Calendar

Please stay tuned for more posts about PoLs!

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