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February 19, 2017
by: Tim Pasche, Program Director

Maker Corps Opportunity | 2.28.17

Maker Corps Member applications for high school students are now available:

  • Electronically : To complete an electronic application, use the link to create a copy of the Google Document. Edit the Google Document with your personal information and responses to the application questions. Download it as a PDF. Email your completed application as an attached PDF to tpasche@etudegroup.org, subject “MAKER Break Maker Corps Application”
  • Paper : To complete a paper application, use the link to download and print the application. Complete the application. Mail or deliver to: 

    Tim Pasche
    MAKER Break | Program Director
    IDEAS Academy
    830 Virginia Avenue
    Sheboygan, WI 53081

    DEADLINE for applications is February, 28th at 4:00pm.

Job Descriptions:

Maker Corps Staff Member

($10/hour at 100 hours: 2 Positions)

As a Maker Corps Staff Member, it is expected that you act as collaborator and assistant to the Program Director and Maker Residents to provide a Makerspace experience for the youth in the City of Sheboygan.  This entails running workshops, maintaining tools, materials management, and even small group instruction.  It is expected that staff members collaborate with students volunteers to manage Open Maker Studio and Instructional workshops at IDEAS Academy, John Michael Kohler Arts Center ARTery, and other future MAKER Pop-up events and locations.  Maker Corps Staff Members will help facilitate Pop-up making opportunities throughout the City of Sheboygan.  A varied art form background is preferred to ensure adaptability to just about any MAKER situation.


Maker Corps Volunteer Member

(10-100 Volunteer hours: At least 5 Positions)

As a Maker Corps Volunteers, it is expected that students act as mentors for other young makers in the City of Sheboygan.  Maker Corps Volunteers will be able to help facilitate workshops and model skills of making for others throughout the summer in Open Maker Studios, Instructional Workshops, and Pop-up Maker moments.  Student Maker Corps Volunteers can be from any background of making.  There are three types of roles

  • Full Time Volunteer: (100+ Hours)
    A full commitment would mean that a volunteer is willing to put in time in all aspects of the program, including training and the development of their own workshop to share their favorite kind of making with others.

  • Part Time Volunteer:(20+ Hours)
    A smaller commitment might be to work with the program director or staff to develop one workshop and offer it during just one or two weeks during the summer.

  • Specific Role Volunteer: (30+ hours)
    Another kind of commitment would be role specific, for example if someone who is willing to attend open makerspaces to show participants how to record music, use a 3D printer, take professional photographs, or even setup a Minecraft server.


Any high school students who take on paid or volunteer roles are gaining unique skills, strong mentorship, and a leadership opportunities.  Students will be able to use this experience on college/career résumés and gain letters of recommendation from potential Makers-in-Residence and Program Directors.


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