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April 24, 2013
by: Elizabeth Beattie

Culture of Thinking, part 2 - Evenings at ESAA

ESAA families gathered in the Rush to Rest gallery at the JMKAC to participate in an observation of art with the use of thinking routines.  Elizabeth Marzouki led families through a “See – Think – Wonder” routine as Susan Griffiths documented the process as we do in the classroom. See - Think - Wonder is a thinking routine used to explore works of art and other interesting things by making careful observations and thoughtful interpretations. It stimulates curiosity and sets the stage for inquiry.

  • What do you see? “I see…” (specific observations)
  • What do you think about that?  “I think…” (interpretations)
  • What does it make you wonder?  "I wonder..."

Within the See – Think – Wonder Ms. Marzouki utilizes “What makes you say that?” to have participants build explanations. This evidential reasoning invites students to share their interpretations and encourages participants to understand alternatives and multiple perspectives. 

The Rush to Rest  gallery observation concluded with “Headlines” to help participants capture the core or essence of the discussion. This routine also is used to sum things up and come to some tentative conclusions. 

Afterward families were offered ways to use thinking routines outside of school and the “10 Apps for Parents – Making Thinking Visible”.


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