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April 24, 2015
by: N. Lynn Goldstein, Étude Studios Publication Design Intern

The Sugar Stems will sweeten Étude Sessions May 2

The Sugar Stems will sweeten Étude Sessions May 2 Header Image


Teacher by day and, by night, a band of pop and rock mixture… The Sugar Stems. Our very own Drew Fredrichsen, music department at IDEAS Academy and The Mosaic School, actually teaches what he preaches. Drew holds classes for both IDEAS and Mosaic students, teaching the music he loves. He has been opening the ears and hearts of his students to the realm of music and helping them break out of their shells.

It has been a little difficult for the band. Of course they all have professional lives and jobs, so it is hard to find the right time to meet up and rehearse, and they all come from different music backgrounds. They have been able to overcome these problems with much determination and grew together like a family.

Drew states that their motto would have to be “Celebration!” They are all about having fun and making people smile. Though he wants to succeed, he wants to make people happy with his music and believes that it’s really important.

“Sometimes people start singing to our songs about halfway in and that makes me so happy,” he said.

Drew is passionate about his music and fans and students. There is no doubt to the adoration his students and fans give him.

On May 2nd, 2015, Étude Sessions will be opening the doors at Paradigm Coffee and Music to welcome a few special guests, including Drew and the band he plays with, The Sugar Stems.


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