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February 15, 2015
by: Michael Q Hanlon and Kimberly Johnson

"The Curious Collection of Albert Montwhistle," Ep. 1

"The Curious Collection of Albert Montwhistle," Ep. 1 Header Image

The IDEAS Acting Seminar is back with another radio drama podcast. This time it is an original script written by our very own drama teacher, Mike Hanlon, "The Curious Collection of Albert Montwhistle." This is episode 1, but students will serialize the work through multiple episodes in February.

Students are using these radio drama productions to develop their understanding of acting as an art form. At the beginning of this podcast, Hanlon relates that students use movement in rehearsal to "help connect the characters and build emotion." This practice is not visible to the audience, but it enhances the actors' ability to interpret the story along with developments in the music and sounds. 

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