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March 27, 2015
by: Colleen Machut

An introduction to Theater from Many Lands & Times

On Wednesday, March 11th Mosaic students began new seminar classes for Trimester 3. Students have the opportunity to take two different seminars each trimester and can choose between six creative disciplines: Music, Creative Writing, Dance, Visual Art, Engineering, and Drama. Part of this choice includes what we call a "project seminar," or a seminar wherein they will do an in depth interpretation of an academic concept through the art form they are studying in the seminar. An example of this from Trimester 2 is the Animation Sensations seminar and an extension of this at IDEAS Academy is IDEAS Project Block

"Theater from Many Lands and Times" is a Mosaic project seminar for Trimester 3. To introduce students to the art form, drama and social studies teacher, Colleen Machut, asked students to engage in the Thinking Routine: See. Think. Wonder. by looking at an image of an Ancient Greek Theater and answering the questions: What do you see? What does it make you think? and What do your observations and thoughts make you wonder about? This conversation helped students build their own context for understanding the theater and imagining new possibilities. This thinking will be made visible in the classroom and used as a reference point as the group continues to expand their understanding and come up with ideas for their own interpretations.

The next step for this class was to use their observations, generated through the See. Think. Wonder. to construct a representation of a Greek theater in the classroom. You can see in the images below, that students used classroom materials and little masking tape to create a performance space that is informed by their initial conversation. After construction, students worked together to figure out which label went with each part of the theater they built. There was some revision and much imagining of what it would be like to tell a story in this kind of space.

Fast forward a few weeks, and the class is creating and performing Greek Tragedies! How did they get there? First, students acted out an adaptation of the Greek Tragedy "Antigone" which was written by playwrite Sophocles. Students then analyzed the script to understand the structure of Greek tragedy. They used this understanding to create their own Greek tragedies. To stay true to the Greek tradition, they performed their scripts outdoors. 


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March 6, 2013
by: Colleen Machut and Leah Morgan

Part 2 - Inside a Project Seminar - Storytelling Core Standards and Essential Questions

Part 2 - Inside a Project Seminar - Storytelling Core Standards and Essential Questions Thumbnail

After the core standards and concepts are taught, students begin creating their own project from the menu and developing the skill they learned during the first...

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February 13, 2013
by: Colleen Machut and Leah Morgan

Part 1 - Inside a Project Seminar -Storytelling Introduction

Part 1 - Inside a Project Seminar -Storytelling Introduction Thumbnail

During the first six weeks of the trimester students focus on learning and developing the skills and concepts of storytelling.

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November 28, 2012
by: Leah Morgan

Seminar Share Out, Acting

Seminar Share Out, Acting Thumbnail

Mosaic students presented the play Robot Rescue in their Acting Seminar on Tuesday, November 27.

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November 10, 2011
by: Leah Morgan Eilmus

Coleen Hilke, Drama Teacher

Coleen Hilke, Drama Teacher Thumbnail

Colleen grew up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and performed in plays throughout her childhood, thanks to a community theater group in nearby Manitowoc.

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November 6, 2011
by: Dollie Cromwell

Mike Q. Hanlon, Drama Teacher

Mike Q. Hanlon, Drama Teacher Thumbnail

Students at Mosaic and IDEAS know him as drama instructor Mike Q. Hanlon, but in the community he’s often recognized as “the guy in the Van...

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October 19, 2011
by: Dollie Cromwell

“The Reinvention of Edison Thomas”

“The Reinvention of Edison Thomas”  Thumbnail

Several students from Mosaic and IDEAS will showcase their talent this weekend at the world premiere of “The Reinvention of Edison Thomas,” based on the award-winning...

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