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September 29, 2016
by: Sarah Williams, Writing Intern, Étude Studios

Visit The Little Library for Project Research

Visit The Little Library for Project Research Header Image


As we enter the research phase for IDEAS Project Block, it’s important to use many different types of sources in order to get well rounded research. While many students rely on the Internet as their most important source, we have a library in our school that could assist with many different projects.

The Little Library, located in the office, has a wide selection of books that may provide professional models and insight into your topic. The Little Library holds books about teaching, thinking, world geography, photography, science, dance, Sheboygan and Wisconsin history, children’s books, books of poetry, biographies, and graphic novels. In addition, we have a wide variety of fiction books, ranging from classics to new releases. If your project is about publishing your own work, we have a selection of books published through Étude Studios.

Before deciding that the Internet is the only way to research, pay a visit to the Little Library and see what secrets it holds.

Side note: To check out books from The Little Library, please see the clipboard on the center shelf and fill out the form. Kindly return the book to the return bin promptly when you are finished.

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