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May 6, 2016
by: Beth Carreno

IDEAS Academy Welcomes UWM Dancers

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Dani Kuepper, Senior Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts, and her students recently visited IDEAS Academy to work with our dancers during their project block.  Using the idea of “secrets” as inspiration for developing a dance, students worked on solo development with a variety of body movements. Ms. Kuepper then had IDEAS students work with UWM partners to integrate their movements into duet dances and create more challenging choreography.

The experience included student reflection and discussion. IDEAS students impressed Ms. Kuepper with the ability to share their thoughts and ideas about concepts and dances as well as their feelings about what they were experiencing. IDEAS dance instructor, Molly King, identified this as a benefit of the school’s frequent use of thinking routines.  

In addition to working with a dance professional, our students were able to ask questions in preparation of dance auditions at the UWM's Peck School of the Arts. This interaction helped students familiarize themselves with the process, set expectations, and build confidence. It helped our students envision themselves in a college dance program.

Dance Day at UWM’s Peck School was April 29th. Our IDEAS dancers attended and interacted with their UWM partners again. Participants worked on choreography and technique and were treated to a performance by the university dancers. The performance included some of the dances shared when the UWM students visited IDEAS Academy.

Providing experiences outside of the traditional classroom is a core component to the education philosophy at IDEAS Academy. The Expanding Horizons program provides the funding for our educators to create experiences like these for our students. Working with professionals, visiting colleges, and learning through exceptional experiences empower our students to connect their current work to life beyond school.  

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