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March 20, 2015
by: Tad Phippen Wente

UW-Sheboygan rep informs juniors about the school and UW System

UW-Sheboygan rep informs juniors about the school and UW System Header Image

UW-Sheboygan High School Relations and Recruitment Coordinator Elisa Carr spoke to IDEAS Academy juniors Wednesday, March 18, to share information about the University and the UW System.

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Juniors and interested sophomores and seniors learned about when and how to apply, expectations for the Personal Statement and the importance of a rigorous senior year. Four key steps were outlined for students to follow, beginning now.

  1. Research schools and visit campuses to find a good fit.

  2. Discuss finances with family and be prepared to complete the FAFSA application senior year.

  3. Acquire letters of application.

  4. Keep taking challenging courses.

Carr described advantages to attending UW-Sheboygan as a starter school, citing starter programs for over 250 majors, cost savings, advisor assistance, the ability to transfer credits and the value of acquiring an Associates Degree before entering the workforce or continuing study. The University offers collaborative B.A. programs in Nursing and Education through UW-Oshkosh and Mechanical and Electrical engineering through UW-Platteville; students can complete these degrees entirely at the Sheboygan campus, according to Carr.

A final activity had students collaborate and compete in a scavenger hunt to find specific information about five other UW campuses. Of the 26 schools, 13 are 2-year colleges and 13 are 4-year. Students compared enrollments, admissions deadlines, locations and other information to expand their knowledge of what is available to them.

Carr also handles Youth Options and Course Options, early college programs for high school seniors. Several students have already met with her to prepare for these additions to their senior year.

The UW-Sheboygan Web site can be found at http://sheboygan.uwc.edu/.

IDEAS juniors will visit UW-Madison and Madison Media Institute on April 15.

Mosaic 8th Graders will tour UW-Sheboygan in the morning on April 29.

Our College Readiness Program strives to provide all of our students with information about and experiences with college options so they can make good decisions about their futures.

Photo for this post by Étude Studios student intern, Skye Klotz.

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