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March 15, 2016
by: Tad Phippen Wente

Students add some new spin to their camera lenses at Étude Studios

Students add some new spin to their camera lenses at Étude Studios Header Image

Mike Wiesman, owner and creative of MWMedia, met with Étude Studios Photography Interns and future photographers Tuesday, March 15, for an hour-long professional workshop about working with digital cameras and lenses.

All heads were bent over shared Cannons as students practiced what they learned about settings and a new variety of lenses. The goal was to help them enhance their photos of live evening performances, such as Étude Sessions, as well as still shots and activities around school. Wiesman explained advantages of manual over auto focus and how to track light and speed settings for more consistent photos. F-stops and apertures, ISOs and angles, Program Mode vs. Manual became the focus of questions and tests as students worked the ‘prosumer’ level cameras and discussed info appearing on the small camera screens. The students were reluctant to leave.

As Étude Studios continues to grow, from 15 interns this year, additional workshops are planned for all departments.

In other news, 11 potential interns attended an application workshop today, March 15, in hopes of joining IDEAS Academy’s Étude Studios. They will be interviewed for positions after submitting a résumé and letter of application.


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