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April 8, 2013
by: Kavonteuna Goodlow, Etude Studios Publications Intern

Morp, IDEAS Academy Prom

Sophomores Davina Boykin, and Isaiah Wilder have taken the responsibility to put together IDEAS Academy's MORP 2013. Morp has been traditionally "prom", but more schools have transitioned from regular prom, to the new theme based or non-traditional prom. Morp will be held on either May 18th or 25th. The location and time have not yet been determined. The Morp committee put together a survey so students can vote on the Morp theme. This year’s theme will be announced at Town Hall this Wednesday. Ticket prices are tentatively set at $4 each, but that could change. The students are excited to have a school dance, because it’s always fun. Morp doesn't have the same things as a regular prom would. At Morp any person can run for Morp king or queen, and music is selected by the students. The dance is planned by IDEAS students, and other friends that may want to go to MORP. Staff makes sure that MORP is safe for the students, and some chaperone. MORP 2013 is going to be fun for all who attend!

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