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May 4, 2012
by: Ashleigh Vertin, IDEAS Academy Publication Intern

Mike’s returning students host theater games performance

On Wednesday, April 25, Mike Hanlon's returning Theatre Games students put on a show in Mike’s Room to demonstrate how they have furthered and their learning by retaking this class. Stephanie Lesperance and Bryton Richardson were the hosts of the evening’s performance.

"I'm really happy with how things turned out. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the show and that was my main goal," Lesperance, junior, said.

The show didn't have a huge turnout, but several non-IDEAS. students attended. The performance was all about demonstrating spontaneity and rolling with the suggestions the audience gives you.

"The audience is not always going to show up, but you still have to keep the show going and have a lot of energy. They aren't always going to keep the suggestions easy like your normal classmate; take my example of evolving into a fish. Now I'm not sure how to turn into a fish, but just had to roll with it," Kelly Ferguson, senior, said.

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