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May 20, 2020
by: Étude Staff Writers

Meet Aureanna, Étude Class of 2020!

Meet Aureanna, Étude Class of 2020! Header Image

Meet Aureanna Crump, Étude Class of 2020 graduate. Aureanna specifically chose Étude High School for the bonds and relationships a small school has to offer.

“I liked the size of the school. It's easy to get to know other people. I got to pick an art form that I like and I was able to do that every day. I knew from going to Étude Middle School that the teachers were very supportive and genuinely wanted to help you if you are struggling. A memory that always sticks out to me is that every school year to build a community within our school we would go on a field trip in the first week of school. To get to know each other and learn our strengths and weaknesses as a group.”

During her time at Étude, Aureanna excelled in the dance discipline—lyrical, hip hop, ballet, and African dance. Dance teacher Molly King found Aureanna to be both an inspiration and leader on the dance floor.

“When Aureanna dances, you dance with her. Every movement evokes emotion...you can feel everything she feels and that is an amazing quality to possess as a dancer. Her incredible acro skills left you in amazement. Students begged for her to redo tricks over and over again. Aureanna’s capabilities to express herself with strength and flexibility took her to an advanced level of technical degree.”

Aureanna established a reputation for choosing Project Block topics that delved deep into human nature and understanding the essence of the human soul.

“My favorite high school project would have to be my five stages of grief project that I did in ninth grade. The reason I chose that project is, because it was about the five stages of grief, something that I hadn’t really experienced, and it was one of the first dances that I fully put myself in someone else’s shoes. I did a lot of research on that topic and talked to people that have dealt with grief. I used the movement and the expression to represent that. While I’m dancing I don’t want to just be a dancer on stage, I want to be the emotions I’m trying to get the audience to feel. Part of doing that is not only doing the movements, it's the range of emotions that you show, which at Étude they call it ‘dancer’s face’.”

Congratulations Aureanna and thank you for being a part of the Étude community! Go forth with an excitement for learning, a desire to explore and the knowledge that you are empowered to change the world.

“I’ve had the opportunity to do multiple dance projects and even some art projects, and because I had those opportunities I know that I will keep dancing for the rest of my life.”

Take a look at one of Aureanna's performances! 


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