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June 4, 2020
by: Étude Staff Writers

Meet Alex, Étude Class of 2020!

Meet Alex, Étude Class of 2020!  Header Image

Meet Alexander Burg, Étude Class of 2020 graduate. Alex is our second senior of the year that is part of the elite K-12 Étude student group.

“I first started at Étude all the way back in 2007, in Kindergarten. I was a student as ESAA, before schools like Étude Middle and High school even existed! I don’t really know why my parents put me in ESAA initially, but I certainly know why I chose to stay with The Étude Group as a whole. I love how we do things here, from regular classes, to seminars, and especially project block.”

Alex found that project based learning allowed him to focus his learning on the academic topics he was most interested in.

“I’m a massive history nerd, and the Étude Social Studies classes made me happy, both to show what I already knew, and in learning more about what I didn’t! From the Russian Revolution in 1917, to the founding of the United States, or to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, so many different time periods with so much to learn.”

Alex often combined his love of history with the skills he acquired in Engineering in order to produce projects during Project Block.

“The Burg & Bloise Family Bunkers project, bar none was my favorite Project Block experience.That was by far the most successful project I’ve ever participated in. There were lots of interesting facts, I had fun both in making it and in presenting it. Both me and my partner, Luke, did really well on it. I could tell we kept our audience engaged and interested with our charismatic, salesman charm!”

Congratulations Alex and thank you for being a part of the Étude community! Go forth with an excitement for learning, a desire to explore and the knowledge that you are empowered to change the world.

“I think the most important thing I’ll take with me, as cliché as it sounds, is my friends. I’ve made bonds here at Étude that I sincerely hope will last forever.”

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