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October 24, 2017
by: Jackson Kloes, Étude Studios Writing Intern

Étude Group Students present their learning and creations at the Milwaukee Maker Faire

Étude Group Students present their learning and creations at the Milwaukee Maker Faire Header Image

MILWAUKEE - At the start of the summer Étude students stood in MAKER Break workshops with no final product, no creation, and no definitive end-game.

Over the September 23rd-24th weekend students from both the middle and high schools presented animations, literature, 3D-printing, and held their own rock painting workshops for thousands in attendance of Maker Faire Milwaukee.

Starting in 2014 Make Magazine in cooperation with local creative institution, Betty Brinn Children’s Museum has brought a site for engineers, artists, and craftspeople alike to congregation in the biggest “Show and Tell” in the area. “We’ve got over 200 Makers…” Stated Pete Prodoehl, Director of Interactive Media, Betty Brinn Children's Museum in an article published on Maker Faire Milwaukee’s official website.

Among the engineers and artists were Étude Middle and High School with over seven students and three teachers in attendance.

Housed at the State Fair Grounds in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Maker Faire attracted presenters from all over the state. “I like that it is like a nerdy arts festival.” Described Étude freshman Camille Staats. Staats continued  “There are a lot of different things, you don’t have to be an engineering person or really into robots or the technical aspects of 3D printing… You can… see what other people are making. It’s cool to see a bigger community than Sheboygan. It’s interesting to see the different takes on this weird cool combination of art and engineering.”

Étude High Students, senior Jessica Boise, freshman Camille Staats, freshman Gale Knapp, and junior Xan Justice served as workshop operators and assistants to Étude Engineering Teacher, Timothy Pasche, all MAKER Break participants themselves.

The summer program MAKER Break,”...is a free community makerspace program for children and young adults in Sheboygan, WI. We recognize the value of hands-on learning and work to provide equitable access to experiences that empower young people through problem solving, divergent thinking, and resilience “ according to MAKER Break’s official website.

“Tim was looking for people to come down and represent our school. So I put a slideshow together for [Maker Faire] to show off what our students do, what our programs are like, and to come check out Étude,” stated Justice.   

The Faire allowed for Étude students to explore the artistic and constructive culture that exists within Wisconsin.

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