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February 10, 2012
by: Ashleigh Vertin, Publication Intern

IDEAS Students Experience LTC

Twenty-five juniors and seniors from IDEAS Academy attended Experience LTC on February 9 to get a better understanding of what college classes are like.

Molly Zielke, who is a part of the college readiness team and told the students about Experience LTC, said "It's something that is offered every year and since I'm a part of the college prep team I thought it would be great if students attended and were able to experience college."

LTC offered different sessions for the students including business management, hotel hospitality, welding, dentistry, dairy herd management, criminal justice, electricity, early childhood services and many others. Students received a packet of information about LTC, including an admission application.

"A couple of our students actually filled out applications. The registration fee was waived for applications turned in during Experience LTC," Tad Phippen Wente, another college readiness team member, said.

Kelly Ferguson, senior, attended dentistry and hotel hospitality.

"Dentistry was a lot of hands-on learning. One of the things I really enjoyed was learning how to take X-rays," she said.

Though interested in pursuing visual arts, senior Sammy-Jo Wilsing attended welding and dairy herd management.

"...It was fun seeing other programs I never thought of," she said.

After the sessions the students enjoyed pizza and entertainment in the commons. The entertainment happened to be a hypnotist named Chris Jones.

Senior, Vanessa Diaz, said, "He was interesting because of the fact that his hypnosis actually worked on some people."

Some students from IDEAS volunteered to be hypnotized. Sadie Tinnon, senior, was one of them.

"It was weird, it was kinda like you’re aware of what you’re doing but you really have no control of it. You’re just watching and someone else is controlling your body," she said.

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