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October 6, 2016

IDEAS Student Project Reminds "Your vote does matter"

IDEAS Student Project Reminds "Your vote does matter" Header Image

Last spring, Paige Levisen focused her semester-long IDEAS Project Block project on re-engaging youth in the political process. She researched rates of participation, causes for declining participation, and methods for re-engagement. In her process, she discovered the art and activism of Shepard Fairey. She was inspired to create a pair of canvases, inspired by her research and his aesthetic. As the presidential election approaches, we wanted to help Paige get her work and her message out to the community. 

Please consider supporting Paige by purchasing a print, t-shirt, or tote. Help her send the message that "Your vote does matter."

Your vote does matter

Acrylic on canvas. 2016.


Artist Statement

Youth’s interest and involvement in politics is declining. According to research done by Pew Research, between the years 2008–2012, there was a 34% decrease in political involvement. This is a major concern, especially for the upcoming presidential election happening this November. My paintings symbolize society hiding behind the argument “Your vote doesn’t matter,” despite the fact that voting does matter, and the struggle of those who do participate politically. My twin canvases are directly inspired by Shepard Fairey’s pieces, “Global Warming” and “Eye Alert.”

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