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April 4, 2017
by: Vadim Dekker, IDEAS Academy Senior

IDEAS Student Offers Weekly Movement Sessions for Peers

IDEAS Student Offers Weekly Movement Sessions for Peers Header Image

Welcome students!

This post is in regards to an arts-infused project by an IDEAS Academy student. The aim for this project is to help young adults relieve stress, which is a need identified in a school-wide survey. The following sessions are free and open to all students. Please mark your calendars and planners for the days that would benefit you, and kindly RSVP to Vadim via email 17dekker891@sasd.net. In your RSVP email, indicate which sessions you plan to attend and a space will be reserved for you!

The Mosaic and IDEAS Academy dance studio, down the hall from the engineering room
Time: 2:10 - 3:00pm approximately
Age: Young adults (12-18)
Dates and Descriptions:

April 5 - Breathing and Forward Folding

This practice will use the mantra: "I am perfect" to help students feel better about themselves through relaxation of the muscles.

April 12 - Self-Reflection and Meditation

This practice starts with a session of positive self-reflection to allow students to think positively of themselves and their achievements in life, and it will finish with a guided meditation that allows negative memories and thoughts to be forgotten.

April 19 - Hamstring Stretches

This practice will allow students new or continuous flexibility, which enables newfound movement, eliminates ailments, and it feels good overall.

April 26 - Hip Openers

This practice allows students to open up their hips, a common victim for age. This allows flexibility and mobility in the joints and legs.

May 3 - Happy Reflection and Game

This practice allows students to essentially recreate their happiest past experience which in turn will rejuvenate their mind and body. This is followed by a game that is fun and active for all ages.

May 10 - Light Back-bends

This practice allows students to stretch their back to relieve tension, help posture and signs of aging.

May 17 - Culmination

TBD - updates will take place in the future.

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