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November 5, 2015
by: Sarah Williams, Étude Studio Writing Intern

IDEAS Health Fair Explores Topics to Improve Health of School Community

IDEAS Health Fair Explores Topics to Improve Health of School Community Header Image

On October 28, the IDEAS Academy Human Anatomy and Physiology class put on their Health Fair. Students spent the six weeks of the class choosing a health topic to create a project that could help to educate the school. Among topics chosen were family health history, vaccinations, teen pregnancy, and bicycle safety.

To prepare for the fair, students studied the different body systems and their functions, interviewed members of the Sheboygan public about their health concerns, and did background research on their respective topics. After researching and working with teacher Karen Robison for more information, students wrote ‘spiels’,or short speeches, condensing information, created either a trifold board or a slides presentation, created an activity relating to their topic, and came up with a challenge to give to their audiences.

“I liked Arden’s project, because he used a map to show how people wanted bike routes to look and compared it to real world bike maps,” said junior Kade Byrand about Arden Howland’s bike safety project at the art fair.

Along with showcasing their projects, the Human Anatomy and Physiology class and teacher Karen Robison created a water bottle as a prize to give away to one of the students who filled out a feedback form at the fair.


Photo Credits: Bao Vang, Étude Studios Photography Intern



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