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January 27, 2012
by: Ashleigh Vertin, Publications Intern

Diversity Scholar

Chris Clarke and Danny Goldberg of Diversity Scholars, visited I.D.E.A.S Academy on Wednesday, January 11, 2012.  They presented a profile students can create to show to colleges and better their chances of getting accepted to ethnically diverse, free or reduced lunch, and first generation college-bound students. 

“A lot of people give you motivational speeches but there’s no follow through, which is why I’m giving you this resource. Diversity Scholars is here to give you an opportunity to make a better match for you when choosing colleges than I [had],” Clarke said.

Students with free or reduced lunch living in low income situations, or those who are a first generation college student have eight times more difficulty getting accepted into college than other students. 

“This program of Diversity Scholars is here to create cycles of success stories of getting accepted into college and change the statistics,” Goldberg said.

Students learned a way of presenting their high school achievements in an advanced setting.

“It was helpful and gave lots of information. I believe it’ll help with finding colleges out of Sheboygan,”  Cheyenne Morales, freshman, said. 

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