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March 15, 2013
by: Kavonteuna Goodlow, Etude Studios Publications Intern

Dance Seminars

Lots of the students from the IDEAS academy enjoy taking the movement classes. The dance classes are not judgmental, and you don’t need a dance background to take the classes. Students often take dance classes year after year. The dance classes range from ballet, to modern, African, and dance composition. Ballet is usually offered first trimester, while African and Modern are second trimester, and dance composition is third trimester.

IDEAS academy just began their new trimester Monday, March 11. With the trimester changing and Modern and African Dance coming to an end, lots of student where sad, but happy because Dance Composition and Yoga 2 are starting up.

The dance composition class is an improvisation class that has a variety of different students with different dance backgrounds. Dance instructor Molly King said, "You don't need a dance background whatsoever to be in this class.” Molly says that about all her classes because it is very true! The IDEAS community is nonjudgmental and welcomes everyone with open arms!

The Yoga 2 seminar is for students who have taken yoga before. The class does a variety of movement, poses, and teaching. The students set goals for themselves, and approach that goal by the end of the trimester. The students get the opportunity to create a yoga sequence and teach it, and they also get the chance to work with the students from ESAA. Yoga 2 is an active, but yet very relaxing course to take!

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