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November 13, 2012
by: Kavonteuna Goodlow, Etude Studios Publications Intern

College Readiness, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Field Trip

The IDEAS academy has a goal of 100% college acceptance for every senior. Wednesday, November 7,2012 freshmen from IDEAS Academy along with a few upper classmen visited the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus to learn more about college. The majority of freshmen on this trip had visited at least one college before. Before we got to the UWM Campus I asked several freshmen about their opinion on college and if they planned on going. The students thought college was a good thing and you could get more knowledge for a good career. The students had good opinions about college, even some of the students who had no plans on going, freshman Christopher S. said he believes that just because he doesn't have plans on going to college doesn't mean other people shouldn't because it betters people's future. As freshmen lots of students have a fear of not being able to afford college, not fitting in, and are scared of the big changes. During the trip at the beginning none of the freshmen really asked questions, but as the trip went on they came out of their comfort zones and spoke up. They asked questions about picking roommates, class sizes, and picking classes. The freshmen were a little startled and scared about the thought of college. They enjoyed seeing the campus and learning more about college, but they had some worries. Some students were worried about not fitting in, how big the class sizes would be, and the prices they would have to pay to go to college. All very scary topics for any freshmen to think about. On the way back to Sheboygan I talked to freshman Chelsea S. She along with several other students said they didn't really want to go to college because they couldn't really pay for it, and they were scared of the prices. The thought of paying for college alone is very scary, and I told Chelsea that there's always ways to pay for college. You could take out loans, and apply for grants or scholarships. IDEAS is a very great school, and it stresses college to each and every student every week during advisory. Not only does IDEAS have a concern for the students while they're attending IDEAS academy, but they also believe that it's their responsibility to prepare their students for the world, and getting 100% college acceptance for each and every student!

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